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How Decorative Pillow Shams Can Change Your Bedroom

How Decorative Pillow Shams Can Change Your Bedroom

What’s your style when it comes to the bedroom? Are you romantic? Does modernity speak to you? Or do you prefer a coastal vibe? Whatever the case, your bedroom is a great place to express yourself in a different style than that of the rest of your home. And when it’s time to change things up, we all want simple ways to get the aesthetic we hope for. Follow along as we discuss different bedroom styles and how decorative pillow shams can change your bedroom to complement such styles.

7 Popular Bedroom Styles

There are several bedroom styles that designers and homeowners like to create. Many people choose a mix of a few styles, while others choose to focus on only one. And, of course, you can always make your own style. Still, seven stand out as the most popular right now; let’s look at each one.


An eclectic bedroom has a mix of styles, yet everything coordinates well. Such a room may contain a modern-style bed with a crystal chandelier above it or modern pops of color on the walls paired with coastal decor. Anything goes with eclectic, and it all goes together.


Cottage style suits many people because it can entail all-white decor or be colorful and warm. The aesthetic brings the word cozy to mind, and that is what it’s all about. Chunky blankets, vintage wall art, natural fibers, and an all-around welcoming feeling are what make a bedroom cottage style.


Do you think the most restful place on earth is at the beach? If so, you might love a coastal-style bedroom. Coastal style boasts a largely blue-and-white color scheme and natural wood furniture that is worn to perfection. Even if you live in the city, a coastal bedroom brings feelings of sunshine and waves.


Contemporary style is one of sophistication and sleek design. Imagine straight lines on the bed and the furniture, add plenty of natural light, and then choose just a few accents. The contemporary style gives a bedroom a clean and well-kept vibe.


Vintage style is for the romantic. It involves everything old, worn, and timeless. The furniture is distressed, and the bed covers are soft and layered. For a vintage style, soothing pinks, blues, and yellows are best for the walls. Those who love to treasure hunt at the flea market would likely feel at home with a vintage aesthetic.


People who enjoy a natural, earthy lifestyle are a great fit for a boho-style bedroom. Boho style is all about natural elements—such as twigs, branches, and plants—for use as decor, as well as rattan pieces. Light, earthy colors are the palette and make the perfect canvas to bring the outdoors inside.


Don’t let the word minimalist scare you; it doesn’t mean you must get rid of everything and have a boring bedroom. Instead, think of minimalism in the bedroom as clean and uncluttered. What better place to be clutter-free than in the bedroom, where your mind can rest? The minimalist room is uncomplicated—there’s no clutter. The tops of nightstands and dressers hold only necessities, and the floor is clear to walk on. Simple bed coverings and light colors pull the minimalist bedroom together.

Styling Your Bedroom

Once you understand which style suits you best for your bedroom, it’s time to make changes to get the vibe you want. Thankfully, you don’t have to overhaul the space to make it happen. There’s a fast and simple way to make a big change in your bedroom: pillow shams. Let’s discuss what pillow shams are and how to use them.

What Are Pillow Shams?

Pillow shams cover extra pillows on the bed, usually in a decorative way. The word “sham” means “false front,” which makes perfect sense for how we use them. The following is a list of the different sizes that pillow shams come in:

  • Standard shams measure 20x26 inches to fit standard pillows.
  • King-sized shams measure 20x36 for king-sized pillows.
  • Euro shams are square and are usually 26x26 for Euro bed pillows.
  • Boudoir shams measure 12x16 inches and fit on small, decorative pillows.

Every size and shape for shams comes in a multitude of styles and color choices, just like all bedding.

Using Shams in the Bedroom

The star of a bedroom is always the bed. It’s front and center and can’t help but make itself the focal point. That’s why it’s easy to use your bedding to bring a new style into the room. Shams especially are a quick solution since you place them at the forefront of the bed. Read on to see the different ways decorative pillow shams can change your bedroom and what kind to choose according to the atmosphere you are going for.

Using Euro Shams

Euro shams fit over a large square Euro pillow. They are best suited for the first layer of pillows on the bed (behind all the other pillows) since they are the tallest. Considering the seven bedroom styles we discussed, incorporate Euro shams in the following ways:

  • Place them behind all other pillows because they are the tallest.
  • Make sure the Euro shams coordinate, match, or contrast with the pillows in front of them, depending on your style.
  • Use three Euro pillows for a king-sized bed and two for a queen.

Using King-Sized Shams

King-sized pillow shams are the next line of decor on your bed after your sleeping pillows, which go in front of the Euro shams. You don’t usually sleep on king-sized shams; instead, they serve to add layers and texture to your bedroom. Use your king-sized decorative pillow shams in the following way:

  • Place two king-sized shams on two king-sized pillows for a king bed, but use only one for a queen size.
  • Use standard sleeping pillows and place them in front of your Euro pillows.
  • Then, place the king-sized shams in front of your sleeping pillows.

Using Standard Shams

Standard-size shams cover standard-sized pillows, and you may use them in the same way you would the king-sized decorative shams.

Using Boudoir Shams

The decorative boudoir sham is the final pillow sham to add style to your bedroom. This one small pillow works best right in the front and center of all the other pillows. To make it stand out, consider choosing all one color for your pillows except the boudoir pillow. Alternatively, choose a ruffled boudoir pillow to contrast with a straight-edged pillow ensemble.

At Red Land Cotton, we offer the highest quality quilts and shams made right here in the USA. Enjoy browsing our American-made bedding and towels, and reach out to us with any questions you have about our collections.

How Decorative Pillow Shams Can Change Your Bedroom

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