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How To Give Your Bedroom a Facelift

How To Give Your Bedroom a Facelift

Sometimes we all need a little change to spice things up. Some people change up their wardrobe or go on a trip to take in new sights. Some even switch jobs or move to keep things fresh. If you’ve felt the itch to mix things up a little bit, a great way to do it is to change up your living space, especially your bedroom. That way you can feel that variety the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Here’s how to give your bedroom a facelift.


Our brains naturally prefer order over chaos. Because of that, cluttered, unorganized spaces tend to make us feel more stressed and ill at ease than ones that are orderly. On the journey to revitalizing your room, organization is the first step.

Revamp Closet Space

A lot of the clutter that exists in our bedrooms is clutter that has moseyed its way out of our closets. The longer we have a closet, the more likely it is for stuff to accumulate. And the more stuff we have, the harder it can be to find a spot for it. Start by going through your closet and purging the clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore and finding a new home for stuff that doesn’t belong.

From there, try to find ways to keep things organized for quick access. If the shoes are in a mountain in the corner, see about investing in a shoe rack. If purses and backpacks are piled up on a shelf, see about installing nails or pegs in the walls so they can be hung up. Investing in small sets of drawers or displays for jewelry are other ways to cut down on the chaos in the closet. Trust us, you’ll feel much better when you go to get dressed in the morning.

Separate Work from Rest

With so many of us working from home, many of our bedrooms are pulling double duty as home offices. That can make it hard to focus on work on the clock, and hard to focus on rest off the clock. If you’re in this situation, organizing the room into a “work” area and a “rest” area may do wonders both for your work productivity and the aesthetic of your room.

If you’ve found that your work things have ended up all over the room, try to corral it to one corner by your desk. If you find that the things for work don’t fit in the desk itself, see if you can procure a small file cabinet or even a bookshelf to keep them in. And just because the goal is to organize this area for work doesn’t mean it has to be cold and austere. Feel free to lighten the area up with plants and pictures. Just keep it all in one spot.

The Walls

The walls in any room are like a blank canvas. Adding a little life and color to them will instantly change the feeling you get when you walk inside.

A New Coat of Paint

The easiest way to change the walls is with a fresh coat of paint, and there are no hard and fast rules on how to go about it. Some prefer to paint the walls soothing, cool colors to create a calm environment for sleep. Others prefer bright, warm colors to help them rise with the sun.

You also shouldn’t feel bound to paint every single wall one color. You can also choose to paint one wall a different color as an accent wall or choose two different colors to paint your walls. Some people even choose to paint their ceiling to make the space feel either bigger or cozier.


At some point in history, someone decided that wallpaper had gone out of style. But wallpaper can add a nostalgic, farmhouse charm to a space. Even if you would rather not go too far with patterns, as with paint, you can use the wallpaper to create an accent wall to hint at those roots.

Art and Prints

Of course, you don’t have to redo your walls completely to change their look. Pieces of artwork are sure to capture the eye and transform your walls just as effectively. Paintings can be purchased at reasonable prices from consignment and antique shops, and even things like posters and prints can be transformed into art pieces with the right frame.

But don’t let your view of what “art” is be limited to what can be put into frames. Almost anything can be mounted to a wall and act as an art piece. Here are a few things, both conventional and not, that you can put on your walls to change your bedroom’s look:

  • Clocks
  • Mirrors
  • Instruments (guitars, banjos)
  • Baskets
  • Hanging flowers
  • Hats
  • Bikes
  • Old signs (farmers market, humorous expressions)

The Bed

In almost any bedroom, the bed is going to be the part of the room that draws people’s attention when they walk in. It is the furniture star of the show, after all. Revamping this one piece of furniture will give your whole bedroom a facelift.

Try a Headboard

In the same way that changing a person’s hat can change the look of one’s outfit, changing the headboard can change the look of one’s bed. Not only that, but if you enjoy sitting up and reading in bed, one can offer a bit of extra back support. A headboard doesn’t have to be massive or over-imposing. Some of the best headboards are relatively simple. You can either choose to buy an entirely new frame to get the look you want, or you can build your own.

Change up Bedding

Never underestimate the power your bedding has on the aesthetic of your bedroom. Comforters and bedsheets can become worn down and discolored after a while, to the point that we don’t even notice. You can very quickly freshen up a room’s look by changing out linens with fresh, new ones. Our American-made bed linens are perfect to add a little country-flair to your room and give you a refreshing night’s sleep.

You can also mix things up with layering. Adding a throw blanket to the base of the bed can offer a much-needed pop of color. Adding a few extra pillows, especially ones with different patterns and colors, can also add another level of visual interest.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. We haven’t even mentioned the ways that you can change your window trimmings, light fixtures, or swap out your floor rugs. The point is to show you how making several little changes can help make your room feel like a whole new place. Variety is the spice of life, and changing things for the better is within your reach.

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