a better
fall bed

starts with american made layers

Follow our guide

we've put together all the pieces you need to make your bed a source of comfort and warmth in the cooler months ahead.

Step 1: Color:
Keep your color choices neutral and calming to promote a sense of calm and peace in your space.

Step 2: Create Height By Layering Pillows:
Use euro sized pillows in the back of the bed, followed by standard or king-size shams in a matte texture.

Step 3: Beginning & Ending with Texture:
Choosing shams with a bit of texture invites the eye upward. At the end of your bed, use a folded throw or a quilt with the same pattern, texture, or color as you used in your euro shams. This will compliment your shams and tie the look together.

Step 4: Layers of Warmth:
Style optional layers at the bottom of your bed that can be removed or pulled up depending on your sleep preferences.

Start with sheets

choose neutral colors

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