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Staying Cozy: The Versatility of Blankets

Staying Cozy: The Versatility of Blankets

Every season is the perfect season to feel cozy at home. However, as the crisp, cool days of autumn grow near, some of us can hardly wait to don our favorite sweaters and wrap up in a soft blanket. Still, blankets offer more than just a cozy vibe. The versatility of blankets is often overlooked. Follow along as we discuss the many ways blankets play an important role in every home.

Blankets in Home Decor

Blankets serve a purpose when we are sleeping, but they can also make a statement in your home when used as home decor. A throw blanket tossed across the arm or back of a living room chair beckons guests and family to take a seat and get comfortable. And a quilt or blanket draped just right over the back of a couch brings added warmth and color to the room.

Choose colors and patterns that coordinate yet add dimension and something different to draw the eyes to. No matter where you place blankets, you can use them to add texture where a room looks flat and boring.

Blankets for Comfort

Is anything more comforting than a luxurious blanket? Probably not. When crawling into bed at night after a long day, wrapping yourself in a blanket is like receiving a hug and a kiss goodnight. Still, blankets are comforting any time of the day.

Keep blankets handy during cold and flu season when your loved ones are stuck on the couch and not feeling well. Or how about those days when someone is feeling sad or let down? Wrap your loved ones in a blanket while you brew a cup of tea for a time of listening and confiding. Nothing brings greater comfort than the perfect blanket around your shoulders.

Blankets for Warmth

Blankets are beautiful and add depth and color to any room; however, they are quite practical as well. On a cold winter’s night, what’s the first thing you consider (besides hot cocoa) when feeling chilled? A blanket, of course. There is no comparison to a soft, well-loved cotton blanket when it’s time to get warm. Keep blankets on every bed and consider extras for when there is company or someone just needs an extra layer.

Cotton throws are especially helpful in the cooler months when available in the rooms where everyone likes to hang out, including the outdoor hangouts. Keep a basket or trunk full of blankets on the porch, deck, or patio to grab as you savor the remaining summer nights and head into fall. And don’t forget to throw blankets in the car when heading out for early morning sporting events in the fall. Stay warm while cheering on your future NFL star.

Blankets for Protection

Although blankets look lovely on the couch or perfectly tossed on a chair, they also protect your furniture from your little furry friends. Dogs and cats give your family lots of love along with a healthy dose of pet hair.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid it, but you can spare your furniture by covering the back with a blanket. Cats especially love to hang out on the back of a couch. Let your cat continue to enjoy their preferred place of rest (because cats are always going to do what they want anyway), but lay a blanket along the back. With the protective cover, you won’t need to vacuum and clean your couch as often. Instead, you can simply shake out the blanket outside before throwing it in the washing machine.

Blankets as Gifts

Have you ever made a list of how many gifts you give each year? Among family, friends, teachers, and more, the need for a gift pops up often. Giving gifts is fun; however, it can also be time consuming. Therefore, it’s helpful to keep gifts on hand for those instances when you simply don’t have the time to go shopping.

The perfect gift for anyone is a blanket. No home can have too many, and everyone uses them. Stock up on colorful, comfy throws so you can toss one in a gift bag when the need for a gift arises.

Blankets and Portability

Portability is one of the best uses of a blanket, no matter how you use it. When it’s time for a change, you can simply move the blanket to another area of the house. Even better, blankets easily go wherever you need them to. Here are a few occasions perfect for grabbing a blanket on the go:

  • Picnics
  • Little ones napping in the car
  • Road trips
  • Sporting events
  • Movie theater

You should also keep a blanket or two in the trunk of the car for emergencies during the winter. If you’re stuck on the road somewhere without heat, you’ll be thankful for the blanket.

Blankets for Pet Beds

Okay, maybe your fur baby is spoiled enough, but let’s take it one step further. They likely have a favorite spot to sleep and maybe even have their own pet bed. But when that bed starts to present a less-than-pleasant odor, it’s time to take it away and wash it.

Blankets are the perfect solution when your cat or dog is wandering around, upset they have nowhere soft to lay while you wash the bed. Simply fold up a blanket in their usual spot, and they’ll get the hint. You can also use blankets for a permanent pet bed to make cleaning everything much easier.

Blankets on Vacation

Anytime you travel, throw a blanket in your luggage. Not only are they great in the car when road-tripping, but an extra blanket or two is helpful at hotels. Have you ever stayed somewhere where you didn’t get any rest because the room was cold or you didn’t have enough weight on you from cozy blankets? With a blanket packed, you never have to worry about that.

And if you’re a camper, this one is obvious. Not only do you need blankets at night for covering up, but you may also want to consider layering the bottom of the tent with blankets for added cushioning. Wherever you can squeeze them in, whether the suitcase or the trunk of the car, blankets are a necessity when traveling.

Blankets are a part of our everyday lives for staying cozy and giving lovely gifts for special occasions. At Red Land Cotton, we believe in the versatility of blankets and think luxury cotton bedding belongs in every home. We are proud to offer high-quality American-made bedding and towels. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect selection for your home.

Staying Cozy: The Versatility of Blankets

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