• Behind the Seams - Mark and Joe Yeager Talk Fall Plans for the Farm

    My meeting with Mark and Joe Yeager was supposed to be about their Fall plans for Red Land Farms. You know, questions like, what are you working on now? When will you begin picking cotton? But, I quickly found myself asking these two brothers more. I realized these guys answered my farm questions... View Post
  • An Interview with Anna on Working Motherhood

    The moment I came across a newspaper article on Red Land Cotton almost 2 years ago, I was enamored with the business. (Hence, why I write for RLC and love doing it!) I just had so many questions and was very proud of an all-American made company that was based in Alabama. In some ways, I offer a ... View Post
  • Red Land Cotton Visits The White House

    We quickly got the picture that this was not a high-end boutique but was, in fact, THE White House calling to see if we would be interested in representing Alabama in their 2nd Annual Made In America Showcase. How did we respond? "OF COURSE! ABSOLUTELY! WHEN & WHERE?" View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 11

    We're out in the field and in the office talking cotton, a low carbon footprint, and fair trade.  View Post
  • Red Land Cotton's Big News

    You know the feeling...the one you get when you have big news and can't wait to tell others. That's how we are feeling these days! Read on to learn what we've been dying to share. View Post
  • A Recap of 2017 - What a Year for Us!

    As we enter 2018 with all kinds of excitement for the new year, we want to pause a moment to reflect on the past 12 months. Y’all, it was quite a year! View Post
  • A Pause for Nostalgia and a Heartfelt Thank You

    By the time most of you read this, the event will be over. But its significance to Red Land Cotton will still be strong, almost tangible to us. The event – Made South Holiday Market in Nashville, TN (Nov. 17-18, 2017) The significance – It was our first opportunity to take our actual products out... View Post
  • 2 Is Better Than 1 - Why You'll Love Our 2-Ply Bath Towels

    Kit Kats. Twix. Twinkies. Reese's. Of course, I'm talking the full-size, old-school versions. The fun sizes are, well, fun. But they definitely leave you wanting more. These simple, tasty pleasures come in twos. Could this be a coincidence? We think not. Two is better than one! Here at Red... View Post