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Why You'll Love Our Natural Fabric

Why You'll Love Our Natural Fabric

5 Reasons To Love Our Natural Fabric:

1. The Difference A Year Makes 

Like a fine wine, our natural color is different every year depending on the amount of sun and water our crop gets! We always try to pick the brightest whites for our sheets and towels but sometimes our crops receive a little more water or a little less sunlight and it results in something farmers call "light spot" in the cotton grading process. This can result in a more "creamy" natural color. For us, this makes our natural color almost like a collector's item. For example, if you buy your natural bed sheets in 2019 it will more than likely be a darker color than the natural color you bought in 2018 since we received more rain last year during harvest. 

2. No Bleach Or Dye  

Our natural is just that... natural cotton fiber with nothing else added! So pretty much, when you buy our natural sheets, shams, duvets or quilts, the fibers have been cleaned and scoured with hot water and a vinegar solution and had a softener put on them and that's it! We've received a lot of great feedback from customers with sensitive skin that have found relief using our natural sheets! 

3. A Forgiving Color

Our natural fabrics are perfect for anyone who is leary of "white" sheets and keeping them pristine. ;) So whether your a farmer, have a teenager or if you have a furry friend who shares your bed, this color forgives a multitude of laundry sins!

4. Versatility

You wouldn't think it, but sometimes the hardest color to match is white. The variances in color are just enormous! Not so with our natural! It compliments both our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Print and our classic white bedding! We love how our white and natural fabrics compliment each other in our Cottontown Duvet Cover!

5. Cotton You Can See

Because there are no bleaches or dyes used on our natural fabric you can still see pieces of the cotton plant itself woven into our fabric. Over time, these pieces will wash out and fade but it's a beautiful reminder of where your cotton came from!


So, might we suggest you "go natural" and give our sheets, shams, duvets or quilts a try in this truly unique fabric? We promise it won't disappoint!

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