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5 Steps To Creating The Farmhouse Look

5 Steps To Creating The Farmhouse Look

Get an effortless "farmhouse" look in your bedroom with these 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Start With The Sheets

This is where we create the foundation! Go with a neutral like our Bankhead Basic Sheet Set in natural if you plan on using a patterned duvet cover or quilt like our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover. If you would prefer to use a neutral cover, like our Classic Quilt in natural then you can bring in the "farmhouse" feel with our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Sheet Set!



Step 2: Select Your Duvet Cover

Nothing is more versatile and easy to clean than a duvet cover! Our duvet covers feature ties in all four corners so your insert will stay secure plus they are perfect for achieving a timeless look for your bed. If you chose a neutral set of sheets, go with our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover. If you went for the ticking stripe sheets, try our Bankhead Basic Duvet Cover in natural. Another option that looks great with either set of sheets is our Baker Lane Patchwork Duvet Cover



Step 3: Add On A Quilt

Using a quilt as a layering piece is the perfect way to add a "farmhouse" touch to your bed. Whether it sits at the foot of the bed or is tucked underneath, our quilts add the perfect layer of warmth and comfort. If you selected a neutral or patchwork duvet cover, we suggest you look at our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Quilts! These quilts pair beautifully with any rustic decor. If you chose our ticking stripe duvet cover, our Bankhead Basic Quilt in natural is just the piece you need to layer up to perfection.


Step 4: Create Height with Pillows

We recommend 2-3 layers of pillows on your bed for a full and rich look. Start with either a euro sham in a coordinating color to the duvet cover you chose. If you chose our ticking stripe or patchwork duvet cover, we would recommend selecting our Ticking Stripe Euro Shams. If you selected our basic duvet cover in natural, we suggest keeping it consistent and sticking with our Basic Euro Shams in natural as well.


Note: if you have a king bed, you will need 3 euro shams. If you have a full or queen size bed, you will only need 2. If you have a twin size bed, you can always use one euro sham!

Step 5: Add Texture

By layering our quilted shams in front of our euro shams, it creates interest and draws the eye in so it has a nice resting place. (That's kinda fancy design words for "it puts a nice finishing touch on the bed"). Here, we would recommend using complimentary shams to the quilt you selected! So, if you are using a ticking quilt, we would recommend standard or king size Quilted Ticking Stripe Shams. If you are using our more basic quilt in natural, we recommend using our standard or king size Basic Quilted Shams in natural



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And checkout this quick video about our ticking stripe! 

Or, just shop our Farmhouse Collection! We've curated all the pieces in one spot!

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