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  • Our Inspiration and Updates

    Our Inspiration and Updates

    Time to put a face with a name. Get to know Anna, her dog Cotton and a little more about Red Land Cotton. We're talking about the inspiration behind the business,...

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  • How It's Grown — Part 3

    How It's Grown — Part 3

    We're back out in the cotton field discussing the growing and fruiting of the cotton plant. Get up close and personal with the plant and see how it working to...

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  • Alternatives To Fabric Softener

    Alternatives To Fabric Softener

      Sorry Snuggle, the sad and inconvenient truth is, fabric softeners just aren't good for the fibers in our cotton linens. Dryer sheets and most chemical softeners coat the surface...

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  • Weaving Red Land Cotton

    Weaving Red Land Cotton

    Last week we were able to travel up to Gaffney, South Carolina and get a glimpse of our Red Land Cotton fabric being woven on the loom. It was surreal...

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  • How It's Grown — Part 2

    How It's Grown — Part 2

    We're back in the fields and giving our customer a glimpse into the growing process. Our Red Land Cotton is now about waist high and blooming. Click to watch part...

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  • How It's Grown — Part 1

    How It's Grown — Part 1

    Welcome to what we hope to be the first of many videos chronicling our process from our farm to your home. We hope you will follow along as we take...

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  • Coming Back to Cotton

    Coming Back to Cotton

    We believe it's important to be transparent. You as a consumer/friend deserve to know who is growing the crops that provide the cotton you sleep on, who is designing and...

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  • Expanding the Conversation — Polyester

    Expanding the Conversation — Polyester

    there is a large and important conversation happening among consumers today. We are starting to ask questions about where our products come from, how they are made and the effects...

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  • Grandma Yeager's Sourdough Bread

    Grandma Yeager's Sourdough Bread

    This simple recipe has been in our homes for generations. Anna walks you through the steps of making her grandmother Nadine's sourdough bread recipe. From our farm to your home,...

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  • Quality Upland Cotton Fibers

    Quality Upland Cotton Fibers

    The best linens are made from the best fibers. There is a whole classing system for cotton fibers and we are pretty proud of how our 2015 crop measured up! Below...

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  • Our Founding Farmer's Cover Photo in 1997

    Our Founding Farmer's Cover Photo in 1997

    We're throwing it back on this #TBT to when our founder and chief farmer, Mark Yeager appeared on the cover of Cotton Grower Magazine in August of 1997. Mark has...

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  • Spinning Red Land Cotton

    Spinning Red Land Cotton

    Last week we were able to make the trip over to South Carolina to watch our first production of Red Land Cotton be spun into yarn. The art of making...

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