• 5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfortable at Night

    It’s every parent’s job to make sure their baby is as cozy and safe during the night. The more comfortable a baby is, the longer they’ll sleep. The longer they sleep, the longer you sleep. And when you make the bedding right, you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping safely through the night as well. Read these six tips for keeping your baby safe and comfortable at night, so everyone awakes refreshed in the morning!

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  • A Guide to Cold Weather Bedding Essentials

    Winters are tough, to say the least. The days are shorter, the skies are grayer, and there’s no worse feeling than cold wind hitting your face. That’s why it’s so important to prepare your bed for the winter. Your bed should be the ultimate escape from the frigid weather. Follow this guide to cold weather bedding essentials to make sure your bed is the comforting oasis you deserve. Every day, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to brave the cold once again.

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  • Ways to Improve Your Bedroom’s Organization

    There’s nothing better than coming home from work and relaxing in your bedroom. You can change into your pajamas, decompress from the day, and lay in your bed without a care in the world. However, you can’t easily relax in an unorganized bedroom. These tips on how to improve your bedroom’s organi... View Post
  • From Our Table To Yours: Martha's Dressing Recipe

    At Red Land Cotton, we are honored to share a piece of our family and our farm with you through our bedding and bath towels! We also like to share little traditions, stories, and recipes because that's just what Southerns like to do and it brings us closer to our goal of showing hospitality to a... View Post
  • "Thread Count" - What You Need To Know

    We wanted to take a second to address a concern... or maybe it's just a question that needs answering! We hear this a lot, "Why such a low thread count?", and, "Why are your sheets better at 140 thread count than my 700 thread count sheets from the department store? Please explain". Well... here... View Post
  • 5 Reasons To Love Red Land Cotton's NEW Loungewear

    From the feedback to the design to the style, we know you are going to love our new loungewear... and here is why! View Post
  • 5 Steps To Creating The Farmhouse Look

    Get an effortless "farmhouse" look in your bedroom with these 5 simple steps! Step 1: Start With The Sheets This is where we create the foundation! Go with a neutral like our Bankhead Basic Sheet Set in natural if you plan on using a patterned duvet cover or quilt like our Lawrence Ticking Strip... View Post
  • Our Inspiration — Why a 1920s Bed Sheet?

    The substance of the yarn coupled with the open nature of the weave makes for a truly unique fabric that is soft and breathable but substantial. And we can't help but think if you starched it and let it hang to dry in the Summer sun, you would experience a night of sleep just as my Dad described from his childhood memories.  View Post